Good Behavior Games For Preschoolers

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Teaching honesty, sense of responsibility, patience and other behavioral skills to the young learners is equally important as their formal education. These skills help the young learners to differentiate between right and wrong and in turn build a strong moral and ethical structure.

Here are some fun activities to help in the cause:

Good Behavior Games For Preschoolers

  • The finder: Ask one child to go and wait outside the room. Meanwhile, tell the other children to hide some objects in the room. Then the other children will have to guide the selected children in finding the objects. Whenever the child will move near to a hidden object then the other children will shout “positive” while whenever the child move away they will shout “negative”. This way the children will learn the skill and value of co-operation.
  • Traffic rules: Make the children stand on one side of the room and the teacher or the parent can stand on another side. Then the tutor will have to call out different light signals and see how the children react to the instructions. Such games will help children to understand instructions and how to follow them.
  • The emotions builder: Use some paper sheets with different emotions drawn on them. Then ask the children to select one of those sheets and act out the same emotion. Then the teacher or the parent can ask children about have they ever felt the same in real life and why? This will help the parents to understand the emotional state of the child and then work on them accordingly. Emotions are an essential part of life and it is important to teach the young learners about the same.
  • The team builder: Team up the children in pairs and give some air-filled balloons to them. Then ask the children to try and keep the balloons lifted in the air. Additionally, tell them that they have to touch the balloons alternatively with specific body parts only. This will help the children to understand teamwork and the importance of trusting their partners.

These activities will help the children to gain skills beyond their formal education and routine.

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