6 Fun Math Activities For Early Learners

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Basic understanding of numbers and counting is an essential skill for the young learners to gain, but their short attention span easily gets them distracted. This encourages the need for an innovative and fun approach towards learning.

Here are some fun math activities that ensure a wonderful learning experience for the early learners and preschoolers:

6 Fun Math Activities For Early Learners

  • Hit the target: Set up a DIY cardboard target zone for the toddlers and tell them to throw water balloons at the numbers called out. This will help them to identify numbers in an interesting manner.
  • The card collector: Take a deck of playing cards and spread the cards throughout the room/house or the playing area. Tell the child to find as much matching pairs of numbers as he can in the given time period.
  • Number puzzle: Use some old cardboard boxes to create a maze and let the child drive through them. Following the correct sequence will guide them through the other end where some prizes or other attractions may wait for them.
  • The marble collector: Hide some counted pieces of colored marbles marked with specific numbers in the playing area and then place some boxes at the center of the room. Each box should have a number slip attached to it. Tell the child the find all the marbles and put them in the correct box after matching the number on the marble and the box.
  • Numbered balls: Mark some numbers on a plastic ball and then ask the child to collect all the balls with the exact number that has been asked.
  • The hammer: Place a chart or a mat in the center of the room with number matrix drawn on it. Give the child a plastic hammer and then call out some numbers. The child will have to pound the called number. Additionally, you can tell the child to pound it the exact number of time same as the number.

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