How To Become A Good Preschool Teacher – Secret Revealed

Am I teaching my children properly? Are they getting the knowledge they need? Am I doing enough? Are my worksheets effective? Is my conduct appropriate? Will they benefit from my lessons? – These are only a few of the many questions that constantly trouble a preschool teacher. If you’re among the few teachers who strive to improve themselves, then here are some nifty tips that can help you in becoming a great preschool teacher.

How To Become A Good Preschool Teacher – Secret Revealed:

How To Become A Good Preschool Teacher – Secret Revealed

Be prepared and organized

There’s nothing more catastrophic than handling a bunch of preschoolers while you find props for activities. The key is to stay organized. To avoid any untimely surprises like shortage of supplies, make a plan for each day and arrange everything you need for the activities beforehand.

Establish a routine

Create a balanced routine for active and quiet time as well as read and write activities every day. It’s important to have a routine because not only does it help you handle your duties effectively but it also establishes a fixed schedule in the child’s mind.


A few words of encouragement by the teacher can go a long way. Encourage your pupils often enough to ensure that they feel self-assured.

Don’t underestimate their ability

Young learners can handle pens, pencils, and child-friendly scissors much earlier than many teachers assume. Encouraging a child to use a new tool only allows them to open up their mind to new opportunities and experiences.

Let them do it themselves

Let the child pack his/her bag, you may feel the urge to intervene however, it is advisable to let them do things on their own. You may instruct them if they’re doing it wrong but don’t try to do it yourself.

Bring out the explorer in them

Be an explorer. The children will pick up on your enthusiasm. Ask questions such as “How did you make/do that?”, “I wonder what happens if we…”Don’t shy away from tickling their inquisitive bone!

Be yourself

As Judy Garland very wisely said – “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” Let the children discover and put forth their true selves.

In the end

It takes time settling into a classroom. Each child will have a unique personality and it can be tough dealing with each of them in a different way. Assess how far you’ve come and try to do better every day and most importantly, be open to constructive criticism.

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