8 Amazing Number Activities To Learn Numbers And Counting

Be it the ready-set-go activity on the race track or the measure of time game for young learners, all such activities need a basic understanding of numbers and counting. There are a number of activities that can be performed with the preschoolers to provide them an early exposure to these skills.  

Let’s take a look at 8 amazing number activities to learn numbers and counting:

8 Amazing Number Activities To Learn Numbers And Counting

  1. The number maze: Create a maze for your children where following the correct sequence or the decided numbers will lead a way out of it.
  2. Playing Cards: Let the children play with cards where he will have to pair all the four variations of the same number, arrange the numbers in sequence or even find the called numbers. It’s all about his call.
  3. The toy parking: Create a cardboard parking lot for the children where he can park his toy cars and bikes on the called numbers.
  4. The cup tower: Use old plastic cups numbered one to ten (4 different color variations of 10 cups each) and let the children build a tower each from those cups with the correct sequence.
  5. Number builder: Use two old plastic cups with their rims numbered from 0 to 9 each. Place one cup inside the other with rims visible and hand it over to the child. Call out a number and tell the child to create the same as fast as he could. (you can teach him to count from 0 to 99 from this activity)
  6. The tile sequence: Mark some floor tiles with a temporary marker or use numbered paper sheets as the floor. The children will then have to move from one end of the room to other end walking over the sheets in correct sequence.
  7. The number shooter: Stick some numbered sheets on the wall across the room and let the children shoot the same with water balloons.

The dice roller: Use a dice to finalize a number and ask the children to collect a similar number of pieces of grains together.

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