Preschool Winter Theme Ideas And Activities

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Winter is a time when there is Christmas cheer in the air, the weather is invigorating and children are often forced indoors. This is a time that the preschool can use to teach the young child the variety in weather patterns and the climate changes that are a part of their geographical location. The school premises can be decorated with winter themes and colors and the child engaged in activities that are in sync with the season.

Preschool Winter Theme Ideas And Activities

Winter themes in preschool

The school can be decorated with snowflake hangings, charts with pictures of winter scenes and fake snowballs. Potted evergreens and pines can add a wintery feel. Snowman dolls and warm colors can be incorporated to make the classrooms wintery and Christmassy.

Activities that herald winter

There are so many seasonal activities that can be initiated in the school that can welcome the cold weather.

  • The one activity that all children love is making snow out of cotton wool balls. The children can be given cotton wool balls and they can spread them on cardboard to simulate snow. Add streets in black paper cutouts and toy cars and you have a snow-filled winter display.
  • The children can be tasked to draw winter vegetables and flowers. The painting exercise keeps them busy and they inadvertently learn what grows in which season.
  • Making Christmas socks and decorating Christmas trees and cookies is another fun activity.
  • Snowflakes and icicles can be cut out from white paper and hung with string with the help of the teacher. The child learns how ice is formed and how snowflakes are all in different shapes. The fun is tempered with learning.
  • Teaching the child make Christmas decorations is another activity that is very much in keeping with winter traditions.

There are so many activities that can be initiated. They may involve songs and rhymes on winter, carols, and audiovisual clips on animal habits like hibernation that are peculiar to winter.

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