Classroom Management Secrets By An Early Professional

The most important aspect of good classroom behavior is ‘MANAGEMENT’. In the absence of a good behavior management plan, your preschool classroom will spiral out of control and you certainly don’t want that!

Recently I took a behavior management workshop organized by a preschool accreditation agency called QualityKG. As an early professional the strategies taught in the workshop have helped me a great deal in keeping my classroom disciplined and organized.

The program helped me understand the association between behavior, learning and sensory system of young learners. I learned a lot about the behavior of my pupils and that helped me figure out what to do the next time one of them runs around during a lesson or refuses to get involved in the classroom.

Here are some classroom management secrets that’ll help you save the day:

Classroom Management Secrets By An Early Professional

1# It pays to behave:

At the end of the class give your students two stamps – one for scholastic performance and one for good conduct, the winners may be awarded with candy bars.

2# Personal reminders:

Instead of correcting a misbehaving child repeatedly in class you can try the personal approach. You give the child a short and composed, private reminder to behave responsibly.

3# Divide & conquer:

Divide your class in small groups of 4-5, this way there will be a lot less talking and mischief and the class will be able to stay on task. Also, smaller groups make it easier for the teacher to have one-on-one interaction with the students.

4# Rotation is the key to silence:

Create a rotation plan that demonstrates where each student will sit each day. Keep rotating the seating plan so that no two students sitting together become overly friendly and create nuisance in the class.

5# Immediate corrections:

If you observe misconduct during a class, don’t ignore it by leaving it unaddressed. You must prompt the child about his or her behavior. For instance, you can address the child and discuss: “Do you know how one should behave in a class? Let’s see you show your best manners.”

These practical and handy classroom management secrets can make a huge difference in how your students behave and how well the lessons are conducted. Use them and don’t forget to share your experience in comments.

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