Name Activities For Early Learners

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There are many activities that can be done with early learners related to name recognition, name spellings and syncing it with rhymes and alliterations and so much more. The child’s identity is tied up with the name and it is one of the first words that he will connect with. It can be turned into a fun activity.

Most children learn to recognize their names and respond to it in the age group of 6 to 7 months. They already are familiar with names by the time they are in preschool. So name recognition games can be initiated.

Name Activities For Early Learners

  • The most dramatic activity is to use a candle to write the child’s name on a sheet of paper and ask the child to paint on it. The resulting design with the name in relief to the background never fails to impress the children.
  • The name can be traced on paper in colorful letters and the child can be asked to paste sand, paper straws or even finger paint on the letters. These can act as a take-home gift. The child thus gains ownership and the activity can be replicated at home also.
  • The child is very happy to play a game like chose a chit from a bowl. You can put chits of names for all the children in a bowl and ask the children to pick a chit and then try to read out the names. You can arrange a small gift for the children who can read and recognize the letters. Same can be done in the home by using names of other family members.

These simple yet effective activities can be fun and teach not only name recognition but also letter recognition and phonetics. There are other activities like using names in songs and rhymes that are familiar to the child. Retention increases with interactive activities.

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