Hands-On Science Activities For Early Learners

Early learners find science investigations enjoyable and engaging, therefore, as early educators we must make a point of doing more fun science experiments throughout the year. To get you going, here are some science activities for preschoolers that’ll help in both sensory explorations as well as STEM activities.

 Hands-on science activities for early learners:

  1. Making a rain cloud in mason jars is a great science activity for preschoolers, it also helps in developing fine motor skills while allowing young learners to investigate and explore what happens during rains. To create your DIY rain cloud you need a see-through jar filled with 3 quarters water and some shaving foam for the cloud on top of your water. To give it a 3-D rain-like effect you can add a few drops of food coloring (blue) on your ‘cloud’.


  1. Mixing water and oil is a fun science experiment and a colorful approach to examine that water and oil don’t blend together.


  1. You can introduce the concept of density to young learners by creating a Rainbow Jar. To create a Rainbow Jar you need a transparent container, honey, dishwashing soap, food coloring, olive oil and water. Once you have all the ingredients ready just put all of them in the jar and shake it. Voila, your beautiful creation is ready!


  1. Another easy and fun science experiment is the Water Xylophone which combines music with science. To start off you need 6-8 identical drinking glasses. Now ask the students to pour each of the glasses with water a little less than the one before. Let them strike each of the glasses with pencils or forks to see which one makes the best sound.


  1. Last but not the least is the baking soda and vinegar balloon inflation experiment! An absolute favorite of the students, this experiment will introduce young learners to concepts of chemistry. To inflate a balloon with baking soda and vinegar you need a funnel. Ask the students to add baking soda to all of the balloons using the funnel. Now pour some vinegar into a bottle and fit the baking soda filled balloon on the bottle opening carefully. Watch the balloon inflate!



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