5 Things To Know About Accredited Preschools

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Accreditation is the stamp of quality that a preschool acquires after the school has undergone a major evaluation. The evaluation is not only on the parameters of education quality but also on infrastructure, administration and documentation. The preschool has to meet the stringent standards of the accreditation board and then maintain a process of continuous improvement.

5 Things To Know About Accredited Preschools

  • The preschool has to register with the accreditation board and then undergo a readiness test. The stringent evaluation ascertains the existing facilities and quality standards the school has and the report generated becomes the basis of further communication.

  • The accreditation is of global standards and so there is uniformity in the process and the criteria required to accredit a school is the same across the world. So, if a preschool obtains accreditation it means that it has global standards and uniformity.

  • The accreditation process takes into account interpersonal association, curriculum, education delivery systems, assessment and evaluation processes, teachers training and quality, family and community participation, wellness of the students, infrastructure and awareness of environment and also governance and leadership effectiveness. This is a comprehensive criterion and makes the school a center for excellence. This is sure to help to make the school one of the most sought-after ones.

  • Accreditation also means that the school is committed to a path of maintaining the same standards and improvement according to the dictates of the board of external assessors. This ensures that no accredited playschool can slip into negligent mode once the accreditation process is done.

  • The dynamic and world standard curriculum and teaching methodology ensures best educational practices and readiness of the child to progress to high school.

Keeping the above in mind, it is advisable to look for QualityKG accredited preschools in your area to ensure safe environment and quality learning for your young learners.

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