How To Make Math Fun For Preschoolers

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Math is fun and challenging for some preschoolers who have a natural aptitude for the subject. Others look at the subject with a little fear and a lot of reservations. The problem is the attitude of the teachers and parents coupled with a tendency to make the subject seem like a difficult proposition. But the reality is quite different.

Ways to make Math fun

How To Make Math Fun For Preschoolers

  • Make it a game. Children naturally enjoy counting and sorting, stacking and grouping things together. Use these activities as a step to mathematical literacy. Use blocks, board games to teach concepts through play.
  • Create a competition amongst the preschoolers and engage their natural instincts to learn faster and with enjoyment.
  • Use gadgets to teach children with fun. Children today are exposed to screen all the time. Use video screens to teach math concepts. The children learn faster and retain more.
  • Creating relevance is important for children. They are put off by vague concepts that don’t relate to everyday use. Teach the preschooler how to sort coins, add objects or subtract values. Using props is a good way to help them relate.
  • Teachers at the preschool level generally have a good connection with the children. It is a good idea to use this connects to introduce new concepts. So objects like a teaching clock, blocks, and Geometric solids can be loaned out to children’s parents in a rotational manner. The parents can be made familiar with the use and the concepts can be reinforced at home too.
  • Parents in their turn must learn to watch their language around the kids. Do not ever express the fear or distaste for math in front of your child. These words reinforce a fear of the subject.

Math can be fascinating. Teach your children to be enthusiastic about the subject and embrace the concepts in a fun manner.


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