Using Toys For Learning Shapes In Preschool

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‘Play’ is the best way to teach your toddler the concept of shapes and colors. The child grasps concepts through play activities and retention is stronger if the activity-based learning approach is used. The best way to teach the child shapes is to use toys.

Toys and their use:

Using Toys For Learning Shapes In Preschool

There are various kinds of toys available in the market in various colors and varieties that we can use to teach geometric shapes to the child.

  • There are toys that also help develop fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination. They involve putting solid geometric shaped figures in appropriate slots. The child has a tendency to be competitive and the game can be taught to complete the task in a time frame.
  • There are stacking toys that can be used to stack the shapes together. The child learns shapes as well as numbers and color recognition in the process.
  • The puzzles and board games help the child learn about shape. The putting together process also teaches the child dexterity and is also beneficial in increasing the curiosity and creativity of the child.
  • Toys that are meant for developing other skills like building blocks and locking blocks are also useful in teaching the child how to identify shapes. If the child is encouraged to also learn shape recognition along with building new shapes the retention of the learning is more or less permanent.

Toys are a good tool to build interest and encourage creativity. The child is engaged with the bright colors and variety. The interest level goes up and half the battle is won in the path of engaging the child. Once the child is engaged the learning process is accelerated.

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