Pen Pal Activities For Young Learners

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Young learners today have almost forgotten the art of letter writing and the concept of pen pals. But it is one of the greatest learning adventures that a young learner can experience. The thrill of meeting new friends in far-off places and learning more about their culture and lives can be educational and lots of fun.

Writing the perfect pen pal letter

Pen Pal Activities For Young Learners

  • The first step is to find a pen pal. The teacher or parent can help in the process. You could have someone staying abroad or even in another city who has kids. They could be the child’s pen pals. There are online forums that also help in finding pen pals. The adult should carefully whet the contact and get the child started.
  • The letter should be descriptive and should be like a conversation on paper. The child should be encouraged to ask a lot of questions. This ignites the natural curiosity that a child has.
  • Encourage creativity in children. Ask them to decorate the letters and add drawings, stickers or other crafting material. This not only fires the child’s imagination but also keeps the letters interesting.
  • The young learner should learn to address the envelopes correctly. This helps in getting practical knowledge about postal systems too.
  • The child has the prerogative to learn about communication systems and how exchange programs can be run at a very young age.

Pen pal letters teach the child letter writing skills, geography, social science, multicultural knowledge is gained, and also helps in a new and fun activity. The child has the ability to maintain a friendship through words alone. All in all, it is a fantastic opportunity for cultural and ethnic knowledge exchanges, helping the child to have an open mind and tolerance too.

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