Preschool Determines The Academic Success Of A Child

Preschool forms the foundation of a child’s academic success says a famous educator and he is absolutely right. The preschool years are the years when the child forms habits, learns discipline and builds life skills. The foundation of personality building and skill building is learnt in these years.

Here’s how preschool determines the academic success of a child

Preschool Determines The Academic Success Of A Child

  • A good preschool teaches the child life skills. The teaching method is experiential and the child learns by doing things. This method creates a problem-solving tendency as the child follows a natural logical thinking path.
  • The teacher can gently nudge the child to participate in group activities to encourage teamwork and social skill building. This is the basis of future skills. As the child grows, this skill learnt in the formative years becomes a way of life.
  • Asking questions is the right way to help a child tap his natural curiosity. It is after all this factor that helps in engaging the young mind and developing the quest for learning and knowledge.
  • The many activities like celebrating grandparent’s day, project making, maintain a garden in school all teach the child the importance of living in a community and maintain teamwork and social networking. These skills go a long way in creating smart children.
  • Dialogic reading, number skills, and role play are techniques that teach the child basic concepts. The child learns to grasp a concept, and apply it correctly. This skill is important throughout the child’s academic career.

Simple things that may seem inconsequential in early childhood often creates the foundation for a bright academic future. Rote learning is no longer the future of good academic skills. Finding a preschool that ignites the mind of the student and propels him to do well and learn healthy competition is the way to approach preschool education.

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