How To Prevent Early Reading Failure

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Preschool is an important time to form the basic reading and writing skills of a child. The foundation to lifelong language skills is laid at this stage. It is very important to be vigilant and help the child improve on the 3 R’s in an effective and fun way. The teacher must keep in mind that an early reading failure can be the basis of poor learning scenarios at all levels.

How To Prevent Early Reading Failure

  • The first step in prevention of reading failure is to identify the situation. The issue is that there is no sure way to determine the failure of reading skills till the third grade.
  • It is important to distinguish and determine the phonological deficiency of the child. This may be due to learning disabilities, the teacher is the person who had direct interaction with the student and is the first line of prevention. If there is a problem, techniques can be applied to prevent reading failure even in challenged kids.
  • It is very important that there is one to one reading sessions so that the teacher can ascertain the reading skill and scope of improvement in individual children.
  • The power of repetitive reading cannot be emphasized any less. The repetitive phonic pronunciations can aid as a reinforcement of reading skills.
  • Dialogic or interactive reading can be a part of the reading process and the child gains interest in the process. The sessions are synchronized in a way that the child is the reader and the session feels like a conversation. It is an established fact that an interested and engaged child learns faster.
  • Using the type of reading material that flags the interest of the child also is a good tool to ensure prevention of early reading failure.

It is in the hands of the preschool teacher to light an interest in the child and encourage her to read and enjoy the activity. Apathetic readers turn into apathetic students.


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