Questions To Ask When Choosing A Preschool

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Preschools are the foundation of a child’s life. Personality traits are developed in this period of schooling, and so are the basic habits that are so important in future academic as well as non-academic arenas. A good preschool should be capable of nurturing your little one and imbuing the right attitudes in them. Problem-solving and logical thinking are the traits that you must look for.

Here are some important questions to ask when choosing a preschool


  • My first question would be the teacher quality and the way the teacher training is accomplished. Teachers should be forward thinking and child-oriented to bring out the best in the child.
  • The second one that I would definitely ask is whether they teach in a conventional teaching oriented way or is the program play oriented. The modern play school theories have established that children learn best through structured play. The teacher should be able to provide an environment of guided play that helps in teaching life skills.
  • The next criteria would be the infrastructure that the school has. The playground, a little nature corner or a garden, large and airy classrooms and washrooms.
  • There should be full security with close circuit cameras and all-time monitoring. Times are bad and the school should have a good reputation and be in a good area.
  • Then comes the question of the child’s comfort. Does the school have a provision for mid-day naps and lunch-break? It is not that important a question n the surface but a young 2-year-old used to a particular routine at home may want that slow weaning from an on-demand nap. This provision may just signify the school’s readiness to provide full comfort to the child.

There are many such small things that I would ask, but these major criteria fulfilled by the school should be enough for me to enroll my child and be happy about it.


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