Language Development In Preschoolers

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Preschool is a time of rapid growth for children. They are at the age of 2 to 5 years and their language skills are developing at an explosive rate. The young preschooler has a limited vocabulary but at the time of admission and can generally make himself understood with 2-3 word sentences. Their average vocabulary is around 130-300 words.

Language Development In Preschoolers

The number varies a little with every individual child. By the time the 5-year-old is ready to move to elementary school, he has a vocabulary of 8000*words and growing rapidly. The child now speaks in full sentences and can understand the basics of using pronouns, articles and prepositions. He creates full sentences and loves to talk. There are many ways and means that are used to enhance these skills at the preschool.

Language literacy in preschool

Linguistic literacy is the fastest development in preschool. There are some steps that need to be taken to optimize the learning curve.

  • The teachers are trained to listen. It is very important that the child learns how to listen. Children love to talk and must learn to give everyone a chance. Also, it is when they hear that they learn new words and their usage. So, preschools are required to develop listening as well as language skills.
  • It is important that the child is engaged and interested in language development. One of the easiest ways to develop reading and speaking skills is to introduce dialogic reading in school. It encourages the child to read and speak with relevant prompts from the teacher. It not only expands vocabulary but also leads to creative thinking and logical thinking attribute building.
  • We also try and put up small skits and plays for the parents where the students put up a play complete with rhymes and dialogue. This is an excellent way to encourage language improvement.

Linguistic literacy is the base of all education, as all subjects need expression. It is the base of a sound education and we work hard to promote these skills at our school.


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