Staying In Control Of Your Preschool Classroom

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It is easy to lose control of a class of preschoolers who are excitable and have a small attention span. It definitely does not help when the teacher gets excited or tries to intimidate the class into staying in control. In my opinion as a preprimary teacher of 20 years, experience is to slow down. Sounds weird?

Let us understand why slowing down is the best alternative:

Staying In Control Of Your Preschool Classroom

  • A calm teacher can control a class more effectively. The first step would be to create a colorful and attractive classroom before the students walk in. The calm and soothing environment helps everyone to relax.
  • Stop the children from entering the class till they are quiet and responsive. Even if the process takes a few minutes you instantly get a class which is in control.
  • It is a good idea to move slowly and speak slowly too. Deliberate movement and speech calms young children down and grabs their attention.
  • It is wise not to talk over the chatter. Once the students realize that you are not going to speak till they are quiet, they will settle down.
  • Precise and short instructions will go a long way in controlling a class. For example, you can say,” Put your crayons on top of the desk and stand up.” The instructions can be made more complex once the class is in your control.
  • The most effective technique is to take a long pause. It stops any unwanted activity and draws attention to you immediately.

Break the pattern, do a fun thing or a play activity that brings back cheer and happiness in the classroom. Cheerful children learn more effectively. These ways are the first steps that you can take control of your preschool class. The later steps can then accelerate learning.

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