Preschool Accreditation-The Best Investment We Can Make

Trying to standardize the education delivery system at our preschool was a big challenge. New challenges cropped up every time. We were like any other preschool and had no Unique Selling Feature. Securing accreditation was the turning point in the school’s administration. We had a long journey to gain the certification and are much improved because of the accreditation process.

What improvements happen in the school during accreditation?

Preschool Accreditation-The Best Investment We Can Make

The entire administration, infrastructure and teaching process in a preschool undergoes a change when you seek accreditation.

  • The accreditation board has a strict mandate on the infrastructure that a preschool should possess. The facilities that were already available were upgraded according to requirements and new dimensions were added according to the blueprint.
  • There are guidelines as to how the documentation and reporting process is to be handled. It is a long and evolved process to achieve those levels of compliance. Our administrative staff was trained to perfection to meet the expectations.
  • The teaching methodology that is prescribed is truly international. The teachers went through a rigorous training to master the child-centric and experiential education delivery systems. The training is continuous and new techniques and theories of learning are constantly updated. The teachers have now become some of the best in the business.
  • There is a system of continuous improvement that is in place in all departments. We are committed to ensuring development as per the guidelines of the board at all times. That makes our school one of the most progressive and sought after schools in the city.

We are happy with the time and effort we invested in securing QualityKG Accreditation and are now shinning among the best preschools of the city. Our students gain admission in prestigious High Schools easily. This makes our school a favorite of parents and we have a reputation of creating confident and smart children.

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