Discover The Secret Behind Preschool Culture In Singapore

Singapore is one of the most progressive countries in the world. It is a pre-requisite that they are very mindful that the building blocks of the future-the preschoolers are well prepared. The personality of these young minds is shaped in the early learning years.

Discover The Secret Behind Preschool Culture In Singapore

There are a few unique and dynamic processes that are in use in Singaporean preschools that enhance the natural capabilities of the child and strengthen the learning capacity and skills of the preschooler.

  • The importance is placed on a cutting-edge curriculum that is in sync with the latest technology, neuroscience as well that involve theatre; create an efficient education delivery system. The psychological impact of the curriculum leads to a well-balanced learning environment.
  • The preschool maintains a holistic approach to education. Creating life skills and all-round development of the young toddler.
  • Emphasis is laid on the development of not only reading and writing skills but on the development of the love towards the medium.
  • Structured play is the medium of learning that is closest to experiential learning. The child masters problem-solving skills and learn to think in a logical way. The structured play process also builds interest and engages the child. Imaginative and creative skills are developed while the play is conducted by trained teachers.
  • All teachers are highly trained and work towards creating a conducive environment for teaching. Good and engaged teachers ensure a smooth and engaged preprimary level.
  • Education delivery systems are geared towards creating readiness for primary school. The main purpose for the curriculum and teaching process being totally child-centric is to ensure that the child is ready for the next level. All the skills and traits needed for further progress and success at higher levels are available at the preschool level.

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