Helping Your Child Transition From Playschool To Preschool

The transition from playschool to preschool is overwhelming, not only for children but also for the parents. Like every other parent, my friend Anna was worried, trying to prepare her daughter, Susan for preschool.

To prepare for the upcoming transition, she spent most of her time telling Susan about the activities done in preschools. She would talk about how it plays an immense role in her development, and Susan would listen attentively.

Anna assured her soon-to-be preschooler that she’s going to one of the best preschools and it’s just like the playschool franchise she used to go to only a lot more fun.

Helping Your Child Transition From Playschool To Preschool

Other than talking to your child here are a few other ideas that will help you with the transition:

  • Show them the new school and the wonderful playground they’ll get to play in. Try to make them meet the teacher and show them how friendly they are. Anna had picked one of the best preschools accredited by QualityKG accreditation, therefore she was sure that the visit will go pleasantly and her daughter will end up loving the school, the teachers and the administration.
  • If your little one has to go to school from 9 to 12, then you should try and adjust his routine accordingly. This means adjusting their nap and meal time to ensure both you and the child are staying stress-free through the transition.
  • Try to leave your child with a babysitter or a trusted friend for an hour or two. Assure them that you will be back and see how they handle themselves. Talk to them in a positive way and ask them how they felt when you absent.

In the end

Your children need to move up the education ladder, and they need you to be strong. So, when you’re preparing your child, make sure you prepare yourself too. Keep your goodbyes short with a kiss or a hug and a happy face. Remember, you can always trust the teachers when you are sending your child to a competent school or play school franchise accredited by QualityKG.


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