Introducing Art and Culture in Preschool Classrooms

We come from different walks of life, with each one of us having their own culture, religion, ethnicity and tradition. Irrespective of where we are from or where we were brought up, we tend to have an inclination towards teaching our children the importance of culture. In the technology-driven world we live in today, some of us may fail to acknowledge the prominence of art and culture. In contrast, in the olden days, when poetry was appreciated and art was valued, people had greater principles and higher values. This is why early educators of the modern world are actively emphasizing on the importance of art and culture as an integral part of early learning.

The value of art

While you might think that for preschoolers the idea of art would be limited to just finger painting or scribbling, the truth is, art’s role in a preschooler’s learning process has more than what meets the eye.

Art helps young learners to understand their emotions and feelings; they learn to express themselves. They learn to control emotions and recognize that they can handle feelings of both sadness and joy through an optimistic approach.

Art and culture for overall development

Learning about various cultures helps early learners in understanding the value of diversity. Students who indulge in art and creativity at a young age not only display higher levels of engagement but also show qualities like – empathy, tolerance and far better memory as well as thinking skills.

Closing thoughts

While you may still have your doubts over how sculpting a clay figure can make your child better at school and life, it’s important for you to understand that these little activities develop not only their critical thinking skills but also their motor skills. As teachers and parents we must understand that introduction to art and culture in the preschool classroom opens the windows for the young minds to paint the canvas with the hues of their imagination.


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