Preschool Education System In Germany

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The genesis of Preschool Education originates from Europe, but did you know that Germany, doesn’t have kindergarten as part of its public education system? Last summer, my husband’s work required us to move to Europe and as we’re planning to start a family soon, we were curious about where to raise our children.

This curiosity led us to explore the preschool education system in Germany and this is what we found:

Preschool Education System In Germany

Types of preschools

There are a few different types of preschools in Germany. Although the system varies from state to state, in general, it goes like this:

Kinderkrippe – This literally means crib or creche. This is for ages from eight weeks to three years.

Kita – This is usually a children’s daycare center. This is for ages three to six.

What are the needs of the children according to teachers?

The Germans put a lot of effort and have a unique way of bringing up their children. Contrary to stereotypes, instead of preferring to discipline them harshly and strictly, they tend to think that love is a better way to teach them.

These are the specific needs of a child according to many teachers:

  • Love and attention
  • Sensitive care
  • Sympathetic support (the degree of it varies with age to age)
  • Empathy and support (especially in stressful situations)
  • Unconditional acceptance
  • Safety and security

Final thoughts

When it comes to English, Science or Math, German preschoolers perform well above the average while their more coerced American counterparts fall back.  The considerable difference in performance is largely attributable to the attitude of the teachers towards the children and the way they employ love and attention as key to early education. As a soon-to-be-mother, I want my child to be disciplined, but I prefer that he’s also given love and empathy. With preschools like this, mothers can be content knowing their child is in safe hands.

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