Top 5 Tech Tools for Early Childhood Educators

In this time and age when technology touches almost all aspects of our lives, it becomes important for early educators to ensure that learners discover how to effectively use technology. Integrating technology in learning strengthens the technical skills young learners need to succeed in the 21st century.

Here are top 5 tech tools that early educators can use to get better results in their classrooms:

Top 5 Tech Tools for Early Childhood Educators

  1. Educational Apps: Many preschools across the globe are allowing devices like tablets and iPads into the classroom. It is a brilliant way to create excitement about learning. The lessons can be taught through apps and the apps can be selected by grades, age or subject.
  2. Engaging Websites: There are many websites for young learners that aim to strengthen their reading skills. Many of these websites also offer age-appropriate learning activities and games across all subjects. Overall the websites can help in improving math fluency and language skills.
  3. Educational Videos: Early educators no longer need to teach in the old chalk and board method. With tons of videos on YouTube and DVD collections accessible at the click of a mouse, it becomes easy for teachers to make their lessons exciting.
  4. EBooks: In addition to videos and apps early educators can also take advantage of the many popular kids’ EBooks available online. EBooks not only keep learners engaged, they also encourage reading skills.
  5. Storytelling: Early learners can be encouraged to tap into their imagination by creating their own visual digital stories with artwork. This offers a great medium for children to craft and narrate their own animated stories.

In a word – When used properly, technology can catapult learning to new heights. As educators, we must embrace and use it in our classrooms to expose our pupils to a new way of learning.

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