Improving Your Preschoolers Attention – A Lesson For Early Professionals

Teaching a playful toddler is no child’s play (pun intended!); even making them sit at one place to focus on a lesson is a big struggle in itself. Most teachers as well as parents can’t figure out how to teach preschoolers and how to make them focus on lessons and activities inside the classroom as well as at home.


Working in a QualityKG accredited preschool for past 2 years I have learned some simple ways to improve focus and concentration of young learners.

Improving Your Preschoolers Attention – A Lesson For Early Professionals

Here are some simple things that can be done to improve a preschooler’s attention:


To start with, examine the behavior of the young learners at regular play. Observe their interests, what does the child like?

  • Outdoor play
  • Race cars and train sets
  • Art and craft work
  • Blocks and Legos
  • Playing with figurines
  • Observing insects and bugs


Whatever the child is interested in is what the teacher must focus on because that is what will ignite his or her interest.


For instance, if you find a child watching insects and bugs you can arrange for him or her to play with plastic bugs, picture books and the like. Let the child be free with it, don’t give any instructions and watch the child’s imagination grow. You’ll find the child concentrating on the activity for a long time without even realizing it.


With just a bit of extra effort on the instructors part the child reaps rewards that’ll last a lifetime, they start learning through unstructured play and this helps them in focusing on the number of insects, color of each insect, they can even arrange or group their plastic bugs in patterns or rows, etc. (each of these activities has a vital role in elementary education).


The restless young learners don’t spend a long time on one activity, they get bored fast. As teachers and parents, we must make sure we are providing them the right stimulus, expose them to the things that actually interest them and inadvertently they’ll follow through.

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