Skill Development Of Preschoolers Through Block Play

A castle for Rapunzel, a racetrack for Roary the Racing Car, a fort for Mickey and his friends – the options are infinite when block play is combined with the creative imagination of a young mind.

When preschoolers engage in recreational activities involving Legos or blocks, they are applying math skills by comparing height, counting pieces, creating shapes etc. Research proves that block play at the preschool stage results in high math achievement.

Skill Development Of Preschoolers Through Block Play

The stacking skills contribute towards improving cognitive skill development. Young learners who engage in construction activities show greater levels pattern recognition, numerical intelligence, reasoning skills, motor strategy and other visual spatial skills.

Here’s how preschoolers can learn different skills through block play:

  • Exploration – Like they do with any other toy toddlers love to touch, hold, throw, pick, horde and sort blocks into boxes. This way, they get to discover and explore the physical properties of Legos or blocks.
  • Planning – While building their forts or castles children create elaborate structures, this process involves a lot of pre-planning, revision of plans, and then building. They match; they sort and they rearrange different elements of their project to create the desired structure.
  • Bridges – When the little hands attempt to create structures like tunnels and bridges they think about measurements, they test whether a tower of blocks reaches the other tower; throughout the whole exercise, they are developing essential skills.
  • Balance and symmetry– Young learners begin to find balance and symmetry as they grow to be more accurate and focused on their structures. Learning continues through matching, sorting, and pattern-making.
  • Enclosed space – Using stacking children create enclosures. They create walls by stacking blocks, and then they use the whole structure for storytelling and imaginary play.

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