Ways Busy Working Mothers Can Find Time For Their Children

When the alarm goes off at 5 in the morning, I find myself struggling to open my eyes; my legs would deny leaving my cozy bed. Suddenly like a spark I begin functioning with the mere thought of getting my children ready for school. I have to assure myself every day, that “Yes, I am a super mum!” This positive affirmation is the most stimulating thought of my day! My 9-5 job keeps me on my toes. During the morning hassles, I try to keep myself calm (despite the multiple thoughts juggling in my mind) so that my frustrations won’t break out on my family.
Ways Busy Working Mothers Can Find Time For Their Children Individually

When the morning madness passes all I think about is how much I miss my little bundles of joy. I regret how my work and other responsibilities don’t allow me to spend enough time with my children. At times, I wonder if I don’t ‘have’ time, why can’t I ‘make’ time, after all they are my biggest priority. Consumed by these thoughts I recently came across an interesting workshop by QualityKG preschool accreditation organization.

Here are a few ideas I learned at the enlightening workshop:

  • Spending quality time with your children by disconnecting from your digital life and planning some ACTUAL quality time without any distractions.
  • Get support from family members.
  • Involve your children in chores and let them learn life skills while helping you out.
  • Take advantage of technology by installing apps, alerts, and reminders to keep you on top of things.
  • Laying out clothes for yourself and the kids should be done at night time, this will be really helpful in saving time in the morning.
  • Create a bedtime ritual for your kids; it may involve reading them a bedtime story or discussing their day. Either way, the ritual will help you bond better with your toddler.

In my experience, these small yet significant changes have helped me immensely in establishing an effective routine for our family. Now I get lots of quality time with my children and I feel we are much closer than we were before!

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