How Preschools Are Igniting Early Learner’s Interest In Science

Science is generally perceived as a complex and difficult subject and not associated with early learners. But, modern educators have brought the basic concepts of science to preschool children with great innovation and ease. Science is present in all everyday experiences. The preschool teacher has to present the experience in a positive way to get the best experience for the child. Preschool science can be exciting and fun when presented well.

How to explore science with toddlers?

How Preschools Are Igniting Early Learner’s Interest In Science

Toddlers are naturally curious and love to explore new things and concepts. The trick is to help them relate everyday activities with scientific bias. The teacher and the parent must learn to encourage the natural curiosity of the child.

  • The child is happiest when he is presented with something new. It is a good idea to present the child with a gadget and allow her to explore it. Magnifying glasses, binoculars and rulers are great places to start. Do resist the temptation to lecture and show.
  • The concept of animate and inanimate can be taught easily by introducing small pets and plants in the school and asking pertinent questions about the differences in them.
  • Having a small garden and allowing the children to play and plant can help in the primary concept building of botany. That seeds grow into plants. The growth can be measured and the child can be taught concepts of how plants grow, make their food, lean towards the light source and the physical structure of plants. Growing the plants themselves is one of the best structured play learning techniques.
  • Children can be introduced to recycling and reduction concepts and taught about the same through activity.
  • The child can be introduced to scientific reasoning through simple concepts of states of physical matter. Ice cubes melting and then evaporating are one of the earliest concepts that children can comprehend.

The list is endless. There can be colour mixing sessions and bubble blowing activity and so much more. At QualityKG accredited preschools each activity raises a query and each query is a chance to introduce a scientific concept to the child. The accreditation standards ensure that due care is taken to keep the words simple and age appropriate to engage the attention of the child.

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