Impact Of Technology On Young Learners

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In today’s modern lives we are always surrounded with technology. From communication, to entertainment, to information, and even transportation technology is everywhere and it has an impact on our lives irrespective of our age, which means technology also has an impact on children.

And why wouldn’t it? When the 21st-century families are themselves making a choice to keep themselves and their children constantly engaged with one or the other gadget.

Impact Of Technology On Young Learners

Parents tend to rely on technology to make their duties and household tasks faster. The excessive usage of Smartphones, Internet, TV, iPads and Video games has changed our lifestyle significantly. With young children being exposed to entertainment technology for more than 7 hours a day, we are unwittingly encouraging a sedentary lifestyle and at the same time reducing optimal motor and sensory development for our kids.

That said, we are not branding technology as something ‘EVIL’ it surely makes our everyday jobs easier and helps children in getting more information in their area of interest. However, these advantages can only be achieved if technology is used in a positive manner.

Let’s get a reality check on the impact of technology on children.


Unlimited reach:

Technology allows children to expand their reach to multiple sources for learning. They can access any website over the internet and learn different aspects related to a topic. From e-classes to webinars students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and use them in their corresponding field. 

Mental development:

Every child is attracted towards games. Playing online games enables them to formulate strategies and carry out situational analysis. This helps in their mental development and teaches them how to handle real world situations in a virtual environment. 


Just like mental development competitive skills are another benefit that children can gain by interacting with a virtual environment. Competing with other individuals in online games etc encourages team and competitive spirit. 


Some of the common negative aspects of growing technology are:

The physical fitness aspect:

Although technology has boosted the mental strength of a child but, on the other hand, these online games have limited the amount of time that children spend on physical training, exercises or outdoor games. This has come as a major blow to their physical fitness and growth.  

Academic and social skills:

Children want constant entertainment and with our technologically enabled lives they are more likely to spend most of their time on electronic media for leisure, this isolates their mind from studies and as a result, a rapid decline in their academic performance can be observed. Besides, spending most of their time in the virtual world has an unfavorable impact on their social interaction skills and as a result, they may feel socially introvert or shy.

In the end:

Technology is no doubt aimed at our betterment but it completely depends upon the perspective of an individual i.e. how they want to use it. Before children, it’s the duty of their parents to limit and supervise the access of these resources. When used appropriately technology can turn into a roadmap to your child’s growth.

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