Importance Of Understanding Toddlers’ Body Language

As a parent, it is very important to understand your child’s body language. It helps in nurturing the child as he or she grows. As parents, we understand our children by observing their everyday habits and by observing their basic activities like they way they sleep, eat or play we decipher what they do or do not like.

Importance Of Understanding Toddlers' Body Language

Not only this, observing a child’s body language can also help you learn a lot about them. You can find out how easy or difficult is it for them to adjust to changes, to make new friends, or to get over anger or grief.

Toddlers are fairly vocal about their needs, at times; they can even come off as bossy. They tell you exactly what they want to eat, when they want to sleep, which clothes they’d like to wear. However, they still have a long way to go when it comes to expressing complex thoughts and emotions. Because of that, you are required to observe and interpret their behavior.

Studies reveal that more than 60% of our interactions are based on our body language this includes gestures, movements, tone of voice, posture, eye contact etc. If a parent is missing out on their toddler’s body language cues, they are basically ignoring 60% of the child’s communication.

Surprisingly, children be it infants or toddlers are experts in body language. They use a number of gestures while communicating with grownups. And parents often base their responses on these subtle signs inferred from a child’s body language – this is where our parental instinct stems from.

By learning to understand your toddler’s body language, you can better comprehend their thought processes, and make them feel that you identify with them.

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