Building The Fine Motor Skills Of Young Learners

The gross motor skills of young children are improved with activities like walking and running. But it’s equally important to work on their fine motor skills, as they form the base of a number of vital mental and physical activities.

Here’s how preschools work on the fine motor skills of young learners:

Building The Fine Motor Skills Of Young Learners

As your young learners tend to spend a lot of their time in their preschools and day care centers, therefore, the school’s involvement in honing their fine motor skills is crucial. My child’s preschool values the importance of working on the fine motor skills of children and addresses the same with a dozen of interesting activities like:

  • Asking the young learners to build small block towers, generally with 9 to 10 blocks. It helps the children to learn about numbers and count as well as work on their hand movements.
  • Using props like blocks or Duplo that allow the children to build things based on their imagination.
  • Allowing them to play and experiment with play dough and show their creativity.
  • Drawing and Cutting shapes from paper.

Key benefits:

  • The child will be able to work on the hand muscle movements.
  • Easy and early recognition of letters and symbols.
  • Improved drawing skills
  • The child will be able to improve his or her writing skills.

It’s not about what the child will make or how accurate the built item will be, it’s more about encouraging them to display their creativity and take initiatives to participate in activities. Such activities on regular basis will help to build the intellect and fine motor skills of young children.



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