Dramatic Play The New Way Of Learning

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A little pirate with an eye patch on, a doctor flaunting her pink stethoscope with pride, a pilot pretending to fly high in the sky! If I told you that I have just described a classroom would you be surprised?

Dramatic Play The New Way Of Learning

Well, don’t be, because this is the future of early of learning. Rather, this is the present of early learning in many preschools all over the world. Preschools are now embracing the idea of using dramatic play to encourage developmental learning process.


Through dramatic play, the instructor assigns roles to the pupils and the students happily act them out. Pretending to be someone else, be it a superhero or famous personality involves breaking the barriers of reality and stepping into the world of natural learning.

Structured and unstructured dramatic play:

While there’s a pre-determined outcome for structured dramatic play, unstructured dramatic play gives children the freedom to select their own path. Ultimately, both types of dramatic play have their own advantages and challenges and both must be added to the curriculum for designing a well-rounded program.

Benefits of bringing dramatic play in the classroom:

  • Taking part in dramatic play helps even the shyest of kids in building confidence.
  • Toddlers are often seen acting on impulse, however, with dramatic play they learn to self-regulate their actions, impulses, and behavior.
  • Through dramatic play, children learn expressive language. They get to speak from the viewpoint of their imaginary roles thus helping in their language development.
  • Paying attention to the thoughts and ideas of their peers and taking turns allow young learners to recognize the value of concentration.
  • Dramatic play is a great tool for teaching math skills to preschoolers. Consider the little actors playing famous football stars and keeping track of their team’s scores, or counting the beats in their favorite nursery rhyme, these are just a few examples of how dramatic play can help in developing math skills.


Now that you have identified what dramatic play is and why it is important, gather all your students and Get, Set, Play!

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