Teachers Improve Students, Accreditation Improves Them!

Being an avid reader, I am often found buried in a pile of books. Past few months I have been reading about parenting, teaching, child care, achievement (under- achievement), child development, etc.

In most of these books, I have found a common point, which is the role of a teacher in a student’s life. As Joyce Meyer’s once said “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.” ― just goes to show that teachers have an impactful role in a child’s life.

Teachers Improve Students, Accreditation Improves Them!

When it comes to preschoolers finding a school whose teachers understand the intricate and often misunderstood little minds of the gifted little mavens is a major coup.

As much as I’d like to deny it, I have done my fair share of scoffing and eye-rolling, when, I read statements like “Parents, teachers and the school staff must work together collectively to provide a healthy learning environment for children.” However, when I started reading about the importance of Preschool Accreditation, I understood I couldn’t be more wrong!

I am a parent of a 3-year-old who wants to send her child to a school that recognizes and understands my son’s distinctive traits, behavior and capabilities. This is where unaccredited preschools miss the boat, because the conventional cookie cutter approach to teaching just isn’t going to cut it for my family.

My search for a school that encourages social and emotional growth, while fostering positive relationships with the preschoolers ended miserably, all my efforts were to no avail. Until I heard about QualityKG.

QualityKG is a unique research-based endeavor that empowers all pre-school stakeholders with the best global learning in early-childhood education. Based on years of scientific research and academic experience, QualityKG has laid down a sound outline of Preschool accreditation standards. Once applied these standards help in developing and installing a self-improvement protocol in preschools.

And, as I had read in multiple books and online resources, the collaboration of pre-school stakeholders i.e. children, teachers, parents and school staff helps in developing a learning community that provides a quality preschool experience, where children have fun in a safe and loving environment – all attributable to the standards established by the accrediting organization.

Now parents like me who have been struggling with the idea of leaving their child in the hands of a new preschool can feel relieved because we longer have to judge a school and its staff by the degrees and qualifications of their teachers. The measures to gauge the competence and effectiveness of teachers is now defined and constantly improved by the accreditation authority.

Finding the right preschool with the right learning/teaching philosophy that matches with your own is possible with the help of Preschool Accreditation policies. Parents no longer have to choose the closest Preschool with few seats available, instead with accreditation they are empowered to make better and wiser choices for their children.

To sum up:

Preschool accreditation ensures that every kid receives the highest quality learning and grows on his or her own terms – this is why accreditation is so important for our children.

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