When is a Child ready for Preschool?

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The minute your child turns two, you start worrying about sending him or her to the best play school franchise or the best preschools, however, just because a child has reached the preschool age, does that mean he or she is ready? As compared to age, readiness for preschool has a lot more to do with the child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

When is a Child ready for Preschool

In India, parents send their children to a play school franchise or preschool when they’re around 18 months to 5 years old whereas, in China, parents send their children to preschool at ages ranging from 12 months to 3 years. Many parents would like their children to start off early so that they can interact with other children and develop socially.

I’m a mother of two lovely children; my younger one is 3 months, and my older one is around 2 years. I’m still in the dilemma whether he’s ready for preschool or not. My friend Seema, is a teacher in a preschool accredited by QualityKG, which is one of the best preschool accreditation agencies in the country. She gave me a checklist, and she told me that once I had the answers for all the questions on the checklist, I’ll know whether or not my child was ready for preschool. This checklist is developed as a part of QualityKG preschool development program, it has helped me tremendously and I hope it’ll do the same for you.

Is your child fairly independent?

Among the certain basic skills that are required for your child to go to preschool, your toddler needs to be able to wash his hands, eat his lunch and sleep on his own. Potty training, for instance, is a huge basic skill that every toddler should have.

Has he spent time away from you?

Has your child ever been cared for by a relative, babysitter or a friend? He should be able to spend some time away from you. You cannot linger around your child’s preschool until he’s ready to go home. Before joining my toddler into preschool, I left him for a day or two with my mother on a regular basis to help him learn how to endure the separation.

Can he work on projects on his own?

Preschool has a lot of activities like arts and crafts project that require a child’s concentration and ability to focus. Try to involve your children in projects at home and help them entertain themselves. This will give you some time to yourself and will also develop their skills.

Is he ready to participate in group activities?

Preschool has a lot of group activities. These activities are designed and structured to develop your child’s intellect, social interaction, and communication skills. This can be difficult when your toddler isn’t interested or is too shy. Try to introduce a few activities to your children like taking them to a storytelling session in the library or sign him up for a group activity like music or dance.

Is he used to keeping a regular schedule?

Preschool teachers like to maintain a particular routine. Many preschools in Japan often have strict timings to induce punctuality in toddlers. Try to maintain a schedule for your child. Even on their day off, try to stick to the schedule. This will help them get used to a set-timetable. You can give them breakfast, do some reading time and then take them out to the park.

To sum up

Preschool is the foundation for your child’s overall development. If you place them in preschool when they’re not ready you may end up damaging their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. So, before you choose a preschool, try and ask yourself, is your child ready?

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