How To Be A Calm Working Mother – Anger Management Is On!

I remember those days when I used to see parents trying to discipline their children. I would think to myself that I’d be the best mother in the world and that mine will be the best children in the world. In my dream world parenting was nothing but a cakewalk – little did I know!

How To Be A Calm Working Mother - Anger Management Is On!

This dream lasted for a while until I realized the many difficulties in raising children.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if babies came with a handbook? Unfortunately, they don’t! Parenting is something that we learn with experiences, some, of our own and some, of others.

The hardest part about raising children especially when you are a working mom is managing our temper. It can be very hard when we’re tired, stressed or are in a rush to reach the school, office, meetings, doctor’s appointment – basically anywhere!

Here are a few things that will help you become a calm parent:

Control saying No:

As a parent, you’ll often find yourself in situations where you have to say “no”, and this leads to a vicious cycle where the first response to anything becomes a No. I remember, I had a rough day at work and I came home to my toddler running behind me saying, “Mumma Mumma, want to see something I made” and I aloofly said “no’’ without a second thought. When I saw that he was holding a little drawing of him and me going shopping, my heart sank. That’s when I really learned the importance of thinking/listening before saying no. My suggestion to fellow working moms – try to do the right thing and push the ‘No’s’ to the back of the list.

Read as much as possible:

Read everything you can about parenting. Try to follow up on parenting websites and blogs that are frequently updated. I personally get a lot of sound advice from QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation blog. QualityKG is one of the best preschool accreditation agencies; they have introduced advanced preschool curriculum accreditation for play school franchises and best preschools. Reading such blogs give you an inside view on parenting and education. And you also get to learn a lot from other parent’s experience.

Ask the Preschool Teacher:

Preschool teachers are experienced, and they know how to deal with children in different situations. If your child is in a QualityKG accredited preschool, then you can rely on the qualified and experienced teachers. QualityKG trains teachers in preschool development programs, which ultimately makes them competent to help parents like you and me in making superior parenting decisions.

Take a Break:

Many working mothers cannot stay calm because they don’t have time for themselves. Give yourself some time and indulge in some pampering.  Find an activity that helps you remain in peace. Take an hour out of your busy schedule, and this will rejuvenate you.

Decision Making:

 “Don’t promise when you’re happy, Don’t reply when you’re angry, and don’t decide when you’re sad.” – Ziad K. Abdelnour

When you’re angry, refrain from making any decisions. Just sit down and calm yourself. Some people find exercising, listening to music, or meditation soothing. Making decisions when you’re angry can lead to undesirable consequences for you and your children. Set up a family meeting in your home and take everyone’s opinion into account. Making a decision together as a family, this will strengthen your bonds with your children.

To Sum Up:

Parenting is a long and tough journey, and we are all sailing in the same boat, making the same mistakes, learning from them and constantly trying to be a better parent every day. There will be days when you’ll snap and scream, and when that happens remember to calm yourself down because the temporary bout of anger which you may think is harmless, might create an irreparable distance between yourself and your child.

Good luck with your parenting journey!

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