How Preschools Are Developing Critical Thinking Skills In Toddlers

There is an increasing trend to protect and coddle our children. With family sizes shrinking to single or two children, parents are very focused on their children and their growth. In the process, the critical thinking applications are slowly being degraded in the lives of preschoolers. Parents, in their zeal to protect their children from unpleasant situations, often overlook the need to teach their child problem-solving skills.

How preschools are developing critical thinking skills in toddlers

The role of preschools in developing critical thinking skills

Preschools are the place where a child learns the basic and primary thought processing skills. The child is exposed to an environment which is new to him and is the first place where he has to function fairly independently. The teacher can initiate many programs which help the child in evolving critical thinking skills.

  • The child should be encouraged to engage in question-answer sessions, where no answers are deemed right or wrong. Storytelling sessions with open-ended conclusions can be a great way to let the child think through a potential crisis situation and reach a logical conclusion. The guidance should be in the form of open-ended questions.
  • The teachers generally do not intervene immediately and wait and pause. The child learns problem-solving skills rapidly when allowed to think through towards a solution. Teachers do not respond to a readymade situation and hence the critical thinking skills are evolved.
  • Play helps in developing critical thinking skills. Structured play opportunities are integral to the process of problem-solving skills. Open needed play opportunities can be created and the child is encouraged to provide different responses to different situations.

Preschool can be the building block to create a dynamic and logical personality for your child. It is imperative that you choose the one which encourages free thought, child-centric approach and plenty of play opportunities.


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