How Preschool Accreditation Helps In Quality Improvement – In The Words Of ECE Experts

It is common knowledge that the most rapid qualitative and quantitative learning curves are established in early childhood. It is important that preschool learning outcomes are not just high quality but also impactful.

Why early childhood education experts lay emphasis on preschool accreditation?

Preschool Accreditation Helps In Quality Improvement

ECE experts believe that high-quality early learning has a positive impact on the long-term educational capabilities of the child. Not only academic but also the social, emotional and professional life of the child has a direct and positive association with standardized and rich preschool experiences.

Child psychiatrists, counselors, pediatricians and curriculum designers all agree that a standard and accredited early learning program provides a solid basis for the early educators and staff involved in the school to develop a commitment to quality. The staff morale is highly motivated and the work atmosphere gets a major fillip.

Pediatricians and child psychiatrists counsel parents to send their child to an accredited preschool as the teaching patterns, care and safety, curriculum, facilities and staff quality are assured to be of very high quality. The curriculum design is suited to enhance the readiness of the child and is highly customized towards the level of each child within a standardized framework. The research-oriented educational syllabus is a definite path towards future success.

According to the ECE experts – “Early brain development studies explicitly reveal that a child’s development is strongly affected by his or her surroundings and everyday experiences. A child who attends best preschools or playschool franchises with high-quality preschool development program demonstrates superior math, communication, social, cognition and interpersonal skills. Conversely, poor-quality early education can have destructive effects on a child’s performance at school and outside.”

What is the role of accreditation in quality improvement?

Preschool Accreditation is a process that guarantees access to incessant quality improvement resources. The progressive research on industry practices to maintain high standards leads to uncompromising quality checks on training and technical assistance.

Preschools seeking preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG must first enroll and conduct a comprehensive self-assessment of their foundation and standards. The stringent candidacy requirements make sure that the standards remain high. Parents, teachers and school leaders are all involved in the preschool accreditation process with inputs from ECE experts to reach quality standardization criteria.

Benefits of accreditation

  • The biggest benefit that accreditation offers is transparency in process and service. All key indicators are mapped very clearly to generate uniformity.
  • QualityKG preschool accreditation program offers regional support, webinars, facilitation projects and dedicated support teams to make on-site training programs and program samples available. A well-appointed website is also made available for easy referencing.
  • The quality of teachers and support staff is monitored very closely and continuous preschool development programs and training sessions ensure a competent and motivated workforce. Recruitment and retention of quality teachers is a challenge in the education industry today, both aspects are also covered by QualityKG preschool accreditation.
  • The biggest benefit of the accreditation process is the stamp of excellence earned by the preschool after getting accredited.

In the end:

There is a huge gap that exists between accredited and non-accredited preschools. Aware parents prefer to send their children to the best preschools accredited by preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG, to join a vast network of like-minded people who are looking for a system which allows their children a chance at a better and brighter learning environment.


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