Importance Of Teacher Training In Present Day Situation

Today’s teachers aren’t equipped with the proper training required to impart knowledge and education in an efficient manner. They graduate from colleges with academic skills but are often lacking the basic teaching skills. Apart from the academic elements, teaching also involves a lot of psychological and emotional elements. Therefore, teachers should be trained properly with the help of various workshops, training programs and counseling.

 Importance Of Teacher Training In Present Day Situation

Why teachers need appropriate training?


Teachers should attend training programs and the school leadership should invest in training programs to help the teacher teach more effectively. This is quite a narrow view to take. While teachers are able to teach better after receiving proper training, there are many other reasons why these training programs are important.


Fully trained teachers are usually able to understand and correctly evaluate a student’s academic performance. Training programs can help teachers be receptive to various new teaching methods. It helps them look at the bigger picture of complete educational processes.


Project Based Learning – For the 21st-century teachers and students


21st-century students cannot survive in the present day by learning from the old school model of rigorously learning facts and then reciting them. Many complex problems require students to have cutting edge life skills. The combination of these skills creates students who can manage and learn more effectively. The learning process of these students is to be guided and mentored by a trained teacher.


Project-based learning requires students to not learn under a teacher but rather to work with a teacher. There is more collaboration of facts, subject matter, and knowledge. When teachers are provided with proper training to carry out project-based learning, they can help students to become independent workers, critical thinkers and most importantly, lifelong learners.


Projects are an interesting and effective way to teach the child how to solve problems, multitask and find variable solutions to a single problem. Teachers are best advised to make the project interesting and based on current events or involving problem-solving skills.


“Futureworks: Trends and challenges for work in the 21st-century” (U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR) quoted, “We are living in a new economy – powered by technology, fueled by information, and driven by knowledge.” This is very true when we begin to assess the present day situation. Students need to be motivated to learn things outside textbooks. They need knowledge about the real world and real life situations. This is only possible when their teachers receive adequate training in imparting these important life skills.

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