How To Prepare Your Shy Child For Preschool

For children play schools and preschools are an entry point to the world of learning. As concerned parents we want to send our kids to the best preschools or play school franchise, however, some children might find their preschool experience thrilling, but others might find it downright dreadful.

Some early learners are so keen to start their preschool journey that they get excited at the very thought of going to school. They raise their hands to answer questions, they sing rhymes along with the teacher, they perform on stage and are excited to participate in every activity big or small.

On the other hand, there are some children who aren’t as thrilled as their peers. They are shy and reserved and the thought of participating in activities is overwhelming for them. They hide behind their friends, they hesitate to share their views in class, they keep to themselves and are often found sitting quietly in a corner.

Should parents be concerned about their shy child?

How To Prepare Your Shy Child For Preschool

As parents, we get enthusiastic about sending our children to the best play schools or the best preschools, and we expect the child to be equally enthusiastic about this new experience — however, when we don’t see them sharing our enthusiasm, a wave of disappointment surrounds us.

When my son was about to enter preschool he was showing all signs of shyness (Apparently, all those signs have disappeared, for good!) I was worried sick and then I met Ms. Madhushri, she told me about her experience with a QualityKG accredited preschool, according to her the preschool accreditation standards at QualityKG state that “It is okay for a preschooler to be quiet and shy,” they also say “Let your child decide what’s comfortable and what’s not, don’t push too hard or the child will retreat.” This brings me to my next point.

Should parents push their shy child?

While it may seem tempting to push a shy child, parents must think twice — because, the fact is you can’t push anyone out of shyness. Instead, a better solution is to create an environment wherein the child grows his or her personality naturally.

Should parents label their child as ‘shy’?

Labeling children as shy is not good for their morale. When children hear their parents addressing them as the ‘shy one’ they get a feeling that something’s wrong with them, and they need to be fixed. A better choice of words would be “reserved” or “private.”

Few tips to prepare “reserved” preschoolers for what’s to come:

  • Set a good example in social behavior for your child to learn from.
  • Show confidence in your child.
  • Participate in playgroups to support your child with your presence in social situations.
  • Don’t indulge in over-comforting.
  • Find a school with a good preschool development program, this ensures that the teachers would be trained to deal with your child’s personality.
  • Praise their efforts when they interact with others using eye contact, be clear with your appreciation – for instance, ‘Aaron, I really liked that you said hello to the shopkeeper.’

Stand up for your child. For instance, in my case when someone used to call my son ‘shy’, I used to correct them in front of him by saying – ‘It takes him a while to get comfortable, but he’s not shy.’

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