Potty Training Your Toddler Before Preschool Looms

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were discussing the potential preschools for our toddler. While we were discussing I saw that my son was prancing around and as I looked at him with awe in my eyes, suddenly it dawned on me that he still isn’t potty trained. I asked my mother, sister, pediatrician and everyone seemed to tell me that No One goes to preschool in a diaper.


While life continued, an alarm was constantly ringing in the back of my head. I didn’t have much time left on my hands and then so began my weird obsession with my son’s bowel habits. I studied everything there was about pooping, and I tried everything. One day, my husband showed me an article about a school that follows QualityKG Preschool accreditation standards, and that article changed my life.

So this is what I learned from one of the best preschools with the finest preschool development programs – The few simple steps that got me on my way to tackling my son’s most significant developmental milestone, POTTY TRAINING!

Punishments Don’t Help

When your child blatantly refuses to the use the potty, the only solution that comes to your mind is punishment. Using punishments on your child when he refuses to use the potty can have deleterious effects. If he’s not ready to use the potty chair, give him a little more time, because the pressure of being punished for failure can affect their ability furthermore.

A Break Always Helps

It’s normal to want your child to stop using diapers as they are growing up but it’s crucial to understand that their mind doesn’t work the same way as ours. If you’ve been struggling to train them from a long time and there aren’t any good outcomes, then it’s time for a break. When they’re ready to eschew diapers then you might be able to jump with a greater chance of success.

Involve them in the Clean-up

Generally it’s the moms that are whisking away the diapers, taking the wet pants to the laundry room and cleaning up the puddles. However, if potty training is a priority for you then your child should be involved in the clean-up process, in the event of an accident. When they are involved in the cleanup process they will understand the unpleasant consequences of not going to the potty chair and will try to avoid having such accidents.

Closing Thoughts

Potty Training can be a very stressful time as it may involve some slip ups every now and then. There might be times when you feel like exploding, but you need to remember patience is crucial while dealing with toddlers. My advice is to read a bit on potty training and bowel movements; this will be really helpful in the long run. With the help of some sound advice and a lot of reading, now, my son is potty trained, and he’s going to one of the best preschools with no potty problems at all!

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