Why Parents Should Choose An Accredited School For Their Child?

Once your child is ready to go to preschool, the search for a good school begins. Some parents are so overwhelmed by the idea of sending their child to the best preschool, that they start searching for one as soon as the child is born!

Why Parents Should Choose An Accredited School For Their Child

But how do parents identify the so-called BEST PRESCHOOL? Is best defined by – distance from home, ease of transport or by the fact that their second cousin’s child goes to a particular school so it has to be good. How are parents supposed to define their priorities when they are making the most important decision for their child?

Parents make countless decisions for their kids all through their life and choosing a preschool that provides the finest learning and environment should be on the top of their list. This brings me to my next point – Why parents should choose an accredited school for their child?

Because preschools are more than a means to keep you child engaged:

Mom on the laptop and dad on the phone, that’s the life of today’s busy parents. While today’s busy parents want to keep their child engaged they must realize that a preschool is a second home to their child and before choosing one, they must scrutinize every nitty-gritty involved. For those who realize the importance of PRESCHOOL READINESS, but, who still can’t make time to tediously scrutinize the schools – an accreditation is just the tool to give them peace of mind.

Because accreditation means peace of mind:

A child’s future depends on quality early education and care. Both can only be provided in a fostering, safe and educationally invigorating environment. Every other school claims of providing such nurturing environment but where’s the reliability and accountability of this claim – this is where accreditation comes in. Accreditation is a mark of quality and reliability that is granted by a third-party organization. In order to earn an accreditation, schools must prove that they maintain high standards of early education continuously.

Because accreditation is a mark of quality:

For parents, the ‘mark of quality’ provided by accreditation has a real meaning.  At QualityKG, the team of global visionaries brings together an evolved and ever-evolving framework of early-childhood education. QualityKG accreditation ensures parents and families about high standards of:

  • Interpersonal Association
  • Instructional Methodology
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment of Child’s Learning and Development
  • Academic Staff
  • Participation of Families
  • Community Involvement
  • Health, Wellness, and Safety
  • Infrastructure and Environment
  • Governance and Leadership

To sum up:

Most of the brain development in children occurs before the age of five, this is why preschool years are all the more crucial in terms of their overall development. With a number of aspects to consider, choosing a preschool becomes a difficult decision for any parent. Asking about accreditation ensures that they are making an informed decision that will play an important part in improving the future of the child.

In one word -> Accreditation = Quality.

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