4 Important Lessons That Children Should Learn Before Starting Preschool

When my child started his preschool, a lot of conflicting emotions were approaching me. Yes, I was excited about the fun my son was going to have with his new friends, but of course, I was worried about my baby, who I was going to send to a new world without me. My son, on the other hand, was hosting proud feelings of being a big kid now.

It was the time when I planned to teach my son few things before I send him off to his preschool. The first 4 things that I jotted down to be taught to my son were toilet training, dining etiquette, bus manners and mixing up with new friends. We had enrolled our son in a play school franchise accredited by QualityKG Preschool accreditation; they told us that only potty training would suffice for a child to head to a preschool. With my 4 Pre-Preschool lessons and the support of our preschool, my son’s preschool days were smooth and easy.

Here are 4 important lessons that children should learn before starting preschool:

4 Important Lessons That Kids Should Learn Before Starting Preschool

Toilet Training

My son was still having wetting accidents; as such small kids do not have control over their bladder. Though the preschool had scheduled bathroom breaks, I trained my son to recognize early warning signs of poop and pee. Surprisingly, he learned it quite quickly. His teachers often used to appreciate him for informing them about his toilet tours, instead of telling them when he had already done the deed!

Dining etiquette

One of the best parts of enrolling your child in one of the best preschools that follows strict preschool accreditation standards, is that they advice you on how you can prepare your child for what’s to come. With the very same advice, we were able to teach our son how to open lunch boxes and water bottles through games so that these things do not become frustrating for him at his preschool. By the time he was enrolled, he knew how to open and close his lunch box and water bottle. He was taught to put on his bib before the meal, and he never let me down in doing so every time.

Bus manners

My son first trembled to see the giant bus, as he had never traveled without us before. I checked into the bus for the first few days and introduced him to the bus driver. I requested for a seat near the teacher-in-charge as my son seemed to be more relaxed sitting close to an adult.

Mixing with friends

My son used to quiver seeing new people at our home. This made us think that he might experience the same at his preschool. I and his dad used to play preschool games with him at home so that he would learn how to mingle with other children these games were suggested to us by QualityKG preschool development program. Though some nervousness is bound to happen when your child actually goes to the preschool, but these drills help him face the challenges. Always praise your child when he shares his toys or other things with other children. Teach him to wait for his turn to ride the swing at the park. Such things help your child to be patient and generous towards other children.

Last but not least

I made my son learn our address and phone number before he went for his first day at the preschool. These things are taught to your child at preschools, but I made sure my son knew these things ahead of time.

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