Parenting Style of Working Mothers in China

As a mother, there were many a time when I wondered what kind of parent I am. I spoke with other working mothers to learn their parenting trials and tribulations. My colleague, Joan’s mother was from China, and her father was from America, her father passed away when she was little. So, she was brought up by her mother. Her upbringing was largely influenced by the rich heritage and culture of China that her mother gave her.

Parenting Style of Working Mothers in China

I remember once Joan told me – “When my son was born, I didn’t know how to go about with him. My husband is an American and even though I was brought up with a Chinese parenting style, I was very confused about the parenting style I should adopt. It was on my son’s first birthday that my mother gifted me with a little book called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. This was not just referring to the particular ethnicity – rather it described the person who followed it.”

After my conversation with Joan got a copy of the book, and I must say that this book taught me a lot about the Chinese parenting style which got me thinking about using the Chinese parenting philosophy on my child.

The Chinese Parenting Style

Chinese mothers can be a bit stern and they want nothing but the best for their child. When Joan wanted to enroll her child in a play school franchise she made sure she chose one of the best play schools for her child. The stamp of preschool accreditation ensured her that the school followed firm standards of excellence. And following her footsteps, I am also going to check for QualityKG accreditation before enrolling my son in a preschool.

Working mothers in China focus on raising their toddlers with discipline, and they also believe in the power of respect.

Many Chinese parents often encourage their children and give them goals to help them concentrate. Not only does this allow them to be focused on achieving their goals but it also helps them realize the importance of setting targets.

Chinese parenting style is a mixture of many things. The few factors that influence their parenting styles are their own ambitions, their rich culture, the workplace expectation and the financial independence they want their children to enjoy.

Many working mothers take some time out from their daily schedule to teach their children ‘Tai Chi’, this reduces any negative emotions in the child and enhances optimism.

Wrapping up

Many of us have a misconception that the Chinese parenting style is too strict. But, the Chinese working mothers have a parenting style that supports a child’s positivity along with incorporating compassion in them. They nurture their children’s self-esteem and give them liberty. The Chinese are known for their excellent discipline, good conduct and amazing scholarly abilities. These are just the fruits of a good parenting style.


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