Working Parents And Teachers Partnership: The Need Of The Hour

The reality of today’s parent-child dynamic has changed drastically from what it used to be a generation ago. Today’s working parents have far less time to spend with their children, but they do wish to be involved in their child’s education.

One way to get involved in your child’s learning is through combined efforts involving working parents and the child’s preschool. When parents and teachers work together children are more likely to thrive academically.

Parents, preschool staff and teachers all play a potent part in a child’s learning journey. As their first teachers, we can:

Working Parents And Teachers Partnership The Need Of The Hour

Become encouraging parents and teachers:

Parents and teachers play a significant part in influencing a toddler’s confidence and interest to grow into a successful learner. When parents and teacher motivate kids to learn new concepts through different activities and experiences they help in improving their self-confidence.

Teacher’s role in connecting working parents with the preschool:

My friend Priyanka’s son is enrolled in one of the best preschools in the city, I say best because they have received QualityKG accreditation to certify their credibility. Their preschool is certified by QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation which means they follow outstanding preschool accreditation standards. For instance, their school involves parents in many activities. Teachers let parents know how they can be a part of their child’s learning experience. For working parents, they also provide specific time slots to suit their schedules. Parents participate by pitching in for annual day festivities, reading to kids, sharing stories about their profession etc.

Involving parents in decision making:

When it comes to their child’s schooling, parents want to have a say in many decisions. The preschool development programs at QualityKG open multiple options for working parents to become a part of the decision-making process.

Make the best out of parent-teacher meetings:

Parent teacher meetings are a wonderful opportunity for working parents to connect with their child’s teachers. Not only can they discuss their child’s individual performance in the classroom they can also learn a lot about classroom goals related to what and how their child would learn. To foster an environment of good, open and two-way communication teachers must encourage parents to ask questions and make suggestions.

In the end:

Parents need to take some responsibility – As working parents, you are not watching over your kids 24*7, however when you are with them how much attention do you really pay to your child? Are you inadvertently ignoring your child because you are too tired after work or keeping yourself engaged with work on weekends and robbing your child of the quality time they deserve? The sole efforts of teachers aren’t going to help your child, you need to pitch in as well. Establish family routines, help your child with his or her homework, always eat your meals together, and most importantly ask them questions, have discussions about what they are learning at school.

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