French Parenting Vs American Parenting – A Lesson For Working Mothers

What do the French have that the Americans don’t have? Is it the Champs Elysees or the Eiffel Tower, the spectacular castles or the extraordinary cathedrals, the culinary excellence or the atypical PARENTING?

French Parenting Vs American Parenting

I always knew that both of these countries have stark differences in various aspects. But what I didn’t realize was how different were their parenting styles.

My friend Joan is an American, she once told me – “Despite the fact that my mother was born in America she was brought me up the French way. My grandmother chose a parenting style that she thought would be appropriate and as a parent, I think we should all get to choose our parenting style.”

By and large, the culture, traditions and the way we have been raised influences our parenting style immensely. Being a working mother, I am always open to and in need of parenting advice. When I got curious about French parenting style I started off with my quest to find out whether it is for me or not.

Here are a few differences I found when I compared French and American parenting styles:

Separate Food for Kids

While Americans assume that children prefer hot dogs, French fries and the like. French parents, on the other hand, believe that there is no such thing as adult food or kid’s food, there is just food. This is great for educating and teaching children about good choices in food.

The Pause

Many parents in and out of America rush to rescue their crying children at night, but the French believe in giving a pause. They wait a minute or two before going to their crying baby. This little pause gives the baby time to learn how to self-soothe. While this may sound a bit harsh, in the long run, the baby copes better, and this particular parenting tip is a lifesaver for working mothers.

A Child’s Individuality

American parents believe that their children should have freedom to express their individuality whereas French parents believe that they should constantly guide their child. The French mothers believe that individuality is something that involves both the child and the parent which many people might not agree with. But hey, that’s the French way of interpreting the concept of individuality.

French Mothers Don’t Compromise, ever!

In France, bribing children and compromising with a little treat every now and then is a big NO-NO. Kids are expected to follow whatever their parent’s advice, and this helps in creating a disciplined environment. However, American parents often compromise with their children by succumbing to their tantrums; this only encourages insubordination and disobedience.

To Sum Up

While many mothers choose to go with their instincts and the way they were brought up, there are some who study and choose a parenting style that they prefer. Parenting styles are not only impactful, but they also offer many insights into the upbringing of parents. The French may have a more authoritative and strict parenting style and the Americans have their patience and simpler ways of discipline. In the end, both the parents have the best interests in their hearts for the children.

As a parent, the wisest parenting choice I have made for my child was, sending him to one of the best preschools and play school franchise accredited by QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation. What I have learned through QualityKG preschool development programs is that – An uninvolved parenting style can cause the child to feel lonely, have low self-esteem and lack self-control. So, it’s important to have either an ordinary or atypical parenting style, although ultimately it should be effective and efficient for both the parent and the child.

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