Early Education In The Middle East And The Role Of Preschool Accreditation

On our annual family holiday this year, my husband took us to the exotic United Arab Emirates; it is an entirely different world on its own. Saudi Arabia is like a jewel in the land of deserts. We stayed in a cozy little inn which was owned and managed by an American couple. They were warm-hearted and courteous hosts; who told us about all the interesting places, things to do, and the most interesting part of the entire trip was my conversation with the innkeeper’s wife – a preschool teacher. Not only was she elated to share the journey of her preschool teaching experience in the Middle East but, she also had a lot to say about the role and need of preschool accreditation in the Middle East.

Here are a few highlights of my journey in the Middle East:

Middle East Preschool

Early childhood education

The Emirati parents give a lot of importance to preschools. For instance, the number of young learners enrolled in the preschools in Dubai is more than 90 percent. This clearly shows us the kind of value they give to early childhood education. Many of the play school franchises and best preschools are private and are profit-based businesses. Most Emirati mothers (working or otherwise) believe the early childhood education services that the playschool franchises and preschools provide their children with better developmental opportunities when compared to traditional home-care.

The Emirati families are fairly well-to-do which is why they rely on nannies and housemaids to help with rearing children, among other tasks. They have a culture of living with extended families which allows the children to be taken care of by other family members. In some families, the traditional family attitude is that of preference towards home-care services, however, the majority of the workforce in home-care services is non-national which means they do not have any knowledge of the Arabic language. This creates a barrier for many parents as they prefer to give their children their traditional Arabic roots along with their inheritance.

Preschool system in Dubai

The best preschools or play school franchises, start accepting children from the ages ranging between 18 to 24 months. Teachers focus on improving the child’s communication skills, and the children are also taught basics of English language.

With voluntary preschool accreditation programs for quality improvement, the quality of early childhood education can be raised significantly. The district coordination, documentation, reflective practices, formative evaluation, accreditation exercises all come together to support the culture of quality improvement.

Children at the ages of one or above can gain a lot from these high-quality programs. These preschool development programs develop not only the child’s knowledge but also their socio-emotional attitudes such as curiosity, teamwork, trust and self-confidence.

The role of preschool accreditation

The United Arab Emirates’ education system aims to encourage children to take initiatives and express their opinions along with helping them to search, discover and invent. The preschool development programs are customized to suit the learning curve of each child. They focus on developing a child’s emotional, physical, creative, reasoning and cognitive skills. Dubai is home to a number of international play school franchises and preschools, which were introduced to serve the English-speaking expat community in the UAE.

With QualityKG preschool curriculum accreditation and their preschool development programs the quality of preschools is analyzed based on international standards of quality and excellence. This not only gives parents assurance but also an idea about the exemplary curriculum, activities, facilities and teaching staff at the QualityKG accredited preschools. Earning QualityKG preschool accreditation is an accomplishment that can only be achieved when the teachers, administration, students, parents and preschool leaders all work together with the best interests in their hearts for the children. In addition to that, preschool accreditation also ensures that the preschool is well organized, safe, serves fresh and nutritious meals and genuinely cares for each and every child.

Closing thoughts

Accreditation is a major contributor to a school’s success. Parents prefer to choose an accredited preschool when they’re enrolling their child, as this ensures them that the child is settled at the preschool, having fun and learning valuable skills that contribute to his overall development. Enrolling your child in a QualityKG accredited preschool assures you that your child’s development is in the capable hands of the industry experts. As a parent I know, I would want this assurance before sending my child to a preschool, what about you?

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