Eccentric Teaching Pedagogy – Punk Rock Makes Way Inside Preschools

The world of teaching and learning is ever evolving, and so are the teaching pedagogies. What used to work in the classrooms a decade ago won’t be substantial in the present day. Today’s early learners need a lot of intellectual stimulation, thus the old school teaching pedagogies aren’t going to cut it any longer!

As an early educator, one needs to make learning enjoyable as well as challenging for the students. While most schools are following the same old conservative approach, others are bringing in an exciting and engaging twist to early learning through their pioneering preschool development programs.

In the 21st century classrooms, no topic is off limits and no theme is farfetched! Teachers are using out-of-the-box teaching methodologies to keep the young minds engaged. So far as teaching with a twist is concerned, music isn’t an unprecedented idea. Nursery rhymes and poems have been a part of the curriculum in the best preschools and play school franchises for years. However, the little learners of today need more than the run-of-the-mill rhymes; their idea of learning through music doesn’t have room for anything monotonous or boring.

Punk Rock Makes Way Inside Preschools

In the spirit of introducing exciting and engaging teaching methodology, some preschools took the bold step of introducing punk rock music in their pedagogy. Not only are the young learners getting a lesson in creativity, self-confidence, instruments and punk rock music they are also learning about arts, science, geography, ecology, planting trees, urban farming, storytelling and endangered species through the program.

Jamie a pre-k teacher from Green Bay, Wisconsin recently started using the punk rock approach, this is what he had to say – “Allen, Samantha and Sam are the shy ones in my classroom, however, once I am strumming on the guitar they get excited and break out of their shy-shells. I can see them singing at the top of their voice, grinning ear-to-ear and that’s the only time I actually get to hear their voice. I can notice a discernible difference in their personality; finally, I have found a way to instill self-confidence in them.”

How to implement the punk rock music approach in your classroom?

Truth be told, preschoolers are much smarter than one might give them credit for. The ‘Teaching Through Cramming Approach’ is unproductive when they are capable of learning anything (provided the lessons are presented in an innovative and engaging approach).

As a caring early educator, you can present your pupils with a mix of different types of music like – folk, rock, jazz, rock-and-roll or soundtracks from movies etc. The little rockstars can pose as birds or animals and dance to the tunes of punk rock, while they are doing so the teacher can introduce different ways to challenge their intellect and to bring out their creativity. As opposed to the clichéd preschool curriculum of rhymes and poems, teachers can use the power of music to teach preschoolers about cultural heritage of different places across the globe, wellbeing and self-reflection, independence and government, fine art and much more!

 In a nutshell:

Opening the doors of preschool classrooms to invite music inside is a remarkable initiative. Preschoolers love to sing, they especially like peppy songs about their favorite things like teddy bears, birds, plants, people and animals. Knowing how easily and effectively music can be incorporated as a part of preschool curriculum many early educators are trying to adopt this innovative pedagogy. Rest assured, the curious minds of preschoolers can be engaged and enthralled by this novel addition in the teacher’s approach. At present many schools accredited by preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG are considering this option as a teaching style. What about you, are you ready to try a new approach towards teaching and learning?

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