Self-Directed Learning In Preschool Classrooms

Learning, learning and learning, it’s funny how we strive to teach our little ones things, but we cannot understand a simple fact that they are capable of learning and evolving on their own. We often to fail to understand our toddler’s capacity or ability to grasp things, while many of us are used to the traditional teaching methods, the young learners of these days are used to new teaching methods. These methods are aimed towards self-directed learning.

self-directed learning

As a mother, I personally feel that self-directed learning is not just a new way of teaching or a new approach to early childhood education but rather a new way of living. It gives the student a sense of individuality and helps them to follow their own paths so that they can attain knowledge in their own time and way. However, while teaching or incorporating this sort of culture in them, I feel that they should also be taught to not meddle with the rights of others who are also on their road to attaining knowledge and enlightenment.

Before I attended a QualityKG preschool development program on the subject, I had little to no idea about self-directed learning; however, after attending the informative sessions inspired by QualityKG preschool accreditation standards, I have turned into a brand ambassador of their preschool curriculum accreditation standards.  If you’re as confused as I used to be about the self-directed learning methods, then here are a few things that might help you.

Patience is key

Remember that self-directed learning is not an innate trait; it’s a skill that can be taught over a period of time. In a day, there are many times when a child will struggle to complete a task like tying their shoes or doing their homework. It can be very hard to resist the temptation of stepping in and finishing it for them. This is where it goes wrong, while we think that we’re actually helping them, we’re not. Try to show them the right path but don’t walk the walk for them. Ask them things like “How else could we have solved this?”, “Where can we look for help to solve this” and so on.

“If my son is facing a problem with his buddies in the park, I won’t go running to his rescue, instead I’ll wait and observe patiently giving him an opportunity to solve the problem at hand himself.”

Encourage their effort 

Many studies have shown that children who are praised for their effort over success are more likely the ones who’ll put in more effort into stressful situations. This is why many preschool teachers keep encouraging and praising their students just for their effort in trying to complete the task. Teachers believe that children who are afraid of failing less are those who are more likely to try new things and think out of the box.

“When my son first started with his French language lessons he wasn’t able to articulate half of the words properly, yet we clapped and cheered on all his attempts, giving him the required confidence to power through”

Give opportunities for exploration and self-directed learning

You might have seen in many preschools that teachers leave paper, colored pencils, playing clay or little toys just lying around. They do this to give children the chance to explore and to learn to develop their independent skills. Children thrive on routines every single day, so the teachers make sure their routines have a lot of opportunities to explore.

“Giving my 3-year-old a pack of crayons and blank drawing sheet without any instructions on what and how he should draw, gave me a surprise that was far from my expectation. He came up with a beautiful and detailed sketch of a garden scene. Letting children chose their learning and creative path is a parenting lesson that I find worth sharing”

To put it briefly

Self-directed learning means early learners are in-charge. The preschool teachers at QualityKG accredited play school franchise and best preschools are well equipped with the knowledge and skills that can help you learn how you can contribute to your child’s development and education.

The education our children receive in preschool is the foundation of their lifelong learning and their overall development. It’s crucial for parents to consider the new and innovative methods of teaching with an open mind. Like every mother, I strive to provide my child with the right skill set so that he can excel in every aspect of his life. If you’re a parent who’s looking to enhance their child’s learning experience, then self-directed learning is something you should consider.

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