Are Preschools Stifling The Creativity Of Young Learners?

Are you one of those mothers who have an expectation that your child should be perfect and fit into the “accepted” pigeon hole? We have news for you – It’s time for you to change your mindset and allow your child freedom of self-expression.

Are Preschools Stifling The Creativity Of Young Learners

Stress, creativity and preschoolers

The rush to enroll your child in the best play schools or the best preschools that “prepare” your little one for admission into a famed high school is unprecedented. All of us want the best possible advantages for our child. The aspirations and expectations we have for our child’s future often pushes us to create another cog in the wheel of the unrelenting rat race – for my part, I beg to differ!

Mr. Brij Rana a certified child counselor from Delhi said – “As a child counselor, I see an alarmingly increasing number of preschoolers in my chamber every other day. It is sad that the pressures, today’s parents are putting on children are slowly but surely putting them under stress. As parents, it is our first duty that we raise happy children. Happiness in a child is freedom of expression and play.”

What to look for in a preschool that educates and not just teaches?

Preschools are often culprits in creating assembly line children, where they all are similar and are racing towards similar objectives. The best preschools or play school franchises recognize that each child is his or her own person. They do not stifle individuality and creativity. The best way to judge this is when your children come home bursting with their latest creation “A pink elephant riding a bicycle” or “A floating house hanging from a cloud” these innovative creations inspired by their own imagination tell you that each day spent at the right preschool is a new revelation in his or her life.

While the green flowers in the blue meadow might look absurd and out of place to most rational and practical adults, but to a 2-3-year-old it is just a real possibility. Art and craft should know no boundaries! After all do we not appreciate abstract and edgy art (wonder what Pablo Picasso would say!)? A child-centric play school franchise recognizes the importance of creative self-expression. The teacher may guide the child towards a more realistic picture but does not force the child into conforming.

Play is synonymous with creativity. You will be surprised how far your child’s imagination can soar if the school allows it. A child is happiest in the company of other children. A progressive preschool accredited by QualityKG preschool accreditation allows young learners an open door policy in play. At QualityKG stereotypes are broken and activity-based play is encouraged. And the parents get to see their child blossom and grow happier than ever before.

A mother’s point of view

Priyanka a working mother of a 3-year-old daughter said – “I have been blessed to have a profession that allows me to study the behavior of children through all ages. I chose a preschool development program for my child that supports independent play, now I see my daughter and I observe how free she is in expressing her creativity. She is also performing brilliantly in academics and has enhanced capacity towards problem-solving. She is ready to adapt and innovate according to life situations. It is very important that the initial school has a hands-off approach. A teacher who “finishes” your child’s work to make it look good is actually doing her a disservice.”

Long story short

The preschools which encourage independent play and creativity are ideal for early learners as they prepare your child for life. With the advent of new age career options the world is waking up to newer possibilities and in this expedition, preschools are fast becoming the cornerstones of the right career path for your child. Choose carefully and bear in mind that personality patterns are established right at this age!

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