Grab Some Tissues – It’s The First Day Of Preschool

Finally, it’s here! The first day of preschool is a daunting experience for both the mother and the child. I remember when I was there with my sister to drop my nephew off at his preschool. The poor fellow didn’t let go of his mother; he just held on to her hand so hard. She had tears looming in her eyes and it just got so hard for her to make him go to school.

Learning from her experience, here are some tips to spare you from the first day at preschool emotional rollercoaster:

Grab Some Tissues - It’s The First Day Of Preschool

Getting organized:

There’s nothing worse than scrambling to organize your child’s bag early in the morning. It’s better to prepare everything beforehand so that you can minimize the tension and stress that the early morning brings.

The night before:

Organize everything you need the night before to avoid the early morning hassle. Make a little checklist of all the possible things you need. Make sure to pack something that comforts your child. It could be a toy, blanket, a book, etc. This will ensure that your toddler is comforted to some extent in the new environment. If you’re not sure about what you might need for the first day, then you could also ask the preschool teacher for a list. The best preschools have a stamp of excellence from credible preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG. Their preschool development programs provide guidance to parents.

On the morning:

Wake up your children early so that you have ample time to get them ready. Make sure that they are well fed and that they are well rested. Try to talk to them while you’re getting them ready so that they can get used to this routine of getting dressed early in the morning.

Preparing before the big day: If you don’t want a meltdown at the preschool, make a note of the below.

Create positive feelings:

Before the first day of preschool, you’ll have plenty of time where you can prepare yourself and your toddler. Tell them how the older children go to school and how they can make new friends. This will create a positive feeling inside them about preschool.

Prepare a routine:

Change can be quite hard for children. So, it’s better if you create a routine at home that is compatible with preschool timings. Wake them up before the preschool time and give them meals according to the preschool meal schedule. Try to find out the nap time from the preschool teacher so that your child’s sleep cycle doesn’t get disturbed.

Wrapping up:

The big day can be quite hard for parents and children. Hence, it’s important that you prepare yourself. On the big day, make sure that you keep your goodbyes short and sweet, longer goodbyes can be painful and can change your toddler’s mood about going to school. Make sure that you choose a QualityKG accredited preschool to ensure your child gets the best in care and education.


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