Why Should A School Opt For QualityKG Preschool Accreditation?

Welcome to the world of early learning. Wondering how early learning is influenced by or related to Preschool Accreditation? To address your concerns let’s dive into the world of accreditation and discover some lesser known facts:

Why Should A School Opt For QualityKG Preschool Accreditation

Why accreditation matters:

“Accreditation” may seem like a frivolous jargon to some, the existence of which may appear as a needless and overstated requirement. However, there’s more to the concept of “Accreditation” then meets the eye.

Accreditation MATTERS – It matters to schools, to teachers, to children, to parents and to the community as a whole. Being accredited benefits schools in more ways than one. The journey towards accreditation is undoubtedly a challenging undertaking. However, when a preschool works towards earning that stamp of excellence they grow and develop in a number of ways.

For starters, accreditation helps schools in reaching a wide group of children and families. In addition to that, preschool curriculum accreditation significantly improves the curriculum by adding new modules or improving existing ones. In relation to the teaching staff, there are a number of preschool development programs involved in the accreditation process, these programs help in the personal and professional development of the teachers.

The big question:

A preschool may offer the best in education, extracurricular activities, sports, teaching aids and facilities, it may even have highly experienced teachers, but how can the school make all of this known to the world? That is another milestone that a preschool can achieve through accreditation.

When a preschool or play school franchise earns accreditation, it proves that they follow high standards of quality in education, teaching pedagogy, curriculum, safety, security, parent involvement, administration, and training, it gives confidence to parents that their children will be given the best in early childhood education and care.

Other benefits of preschool accreditation include, but are not limited to:

1) International reach

When a preschool is accredited by QualityKG Preschool Accreditation, it means that it has passed the predetermined standards established by QualityKG. These accreditation standards are modeled on American parameters, not only do they enhance the quality of the preschool they also provide the school with useful knowledge on the best early childhood learning practices followed across the globe.

2) Globally relevant research

With an active involvement of international experts, QualityKG Preschool accreditation standards have been designed through global research. QualityKG Accreditation offers preschools an access to multiple resources for quality-enhancement and global best practices in early education.

3) Experienced professionals

A teacher can cultivate different skills in a preschool classroom by using inventive and intriguing experiences that fascinate children, stir up their curiosity, instigates problem-solving skills and promote out-of-the-box thinking. However, such skills can only be developed with the help of exceptional and experienced professionals. QualityKG understands this and therefore ensures to provide the academic staff with various preschool development programs and multiple Teacher Training Modules.

4) Across cultures

Based on researches conducted in 75 countries, QualityKG has concluded that children’s needs are common across geographies and cultures. QualityKG standards are designed to create an environment in the classroom that celebrates cultural diversity and global engagement. Teachers are trained to understand the importance of different cultures and this includes getting personally involved and truly understanding different cultures.

5) Worldwide early-childhood education goals

There are a number of high quality globally accepted benchmarks for early-childhood education. However, these global benchmarks and curriculum need to be contextualized and centered on a school’s context. In our country, many preschools follow an unsuitable and unproductive curriculum. QualityKG insists on preschool teacher training programs on worldwide education goals and international best practices for building a strong early-childhood education culture that is contextualized for particular schools.

In the end:

Since its inception, QualityKG accreditation has proved to be a potent tool through which schools, teachers, families, or anyone else concerned about early-childhood education can participate in building a strong team of stakeholders working collectively to improve the quality of education and care for children.

Accreditation not only attracts more people/families, it also improves the confidence and commitment of teachers and school staff, helps in recruiting new personnel and above all ensures the school and the staff work hand in hand as a strong team to improve quality standards.

QualityKG Accreditation implies that your preschool is running on the best international quality standards and is above its peers on certain quality specifications. QualityKG evaluates and improves your preschool on the basis of 10 well-researched standards, 38 indicators, and over 200 observations. It is the mission of QualityKG to introduce global standards in preschool education while establishing cultural accord through progressive learning.

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